SunFurl sun sail type FX

    fixed sun sails / awnings

    Individual planning and variety of shapes:
    Individual planning and a variety of shapes are standard with the firmly braced SunFurl® sun sails. Almost nothing stands in the way of individual design. Three or more attachment points can be planned and built according to the situation. In addition, SunFurl® FX systems enable exciting 3D architecture.

    High wind stability / good rainwater drainage:
    Due to the large differences in height and the high pre-tensioning by pulley blocks, the FX sails offer maximum stability in wind and very good rainwater drainage.

    Assembly & disassembly within just 15 minutes
    During the winter months, the system can be completely dismantled in a few simple steps. The sail can be rolled up dry or stowed in the winter protective bag. The masts can be pulled out of the ground sockets and e.g. be stored in the garage. Only the wall panels and ground sockets remain permanently installed.


    • Taut sail - is extremely robust against wind and rain
    • Minimalistic overall construction / easy installation
    • Free geometry / sail shape with any number of attachment points
    • If necessary, supports can be taken from the floor foundations
    • No complex line routing
    • Completely maintenance-free

    Typical installation variants